Getting rid of pet stain and odor is probably the worst nightmare any pet owner could ever have.
We all know how difficult and incredibly frustrating it can be to get rid of pet messes completely.
However, with the right knowledge and technique, you can do a pretty decent job. Here are five
helpful tips for pet owners:

Be prepared

Always have the right products and equipment on hand in case of an accident. We generally recommend enzyme treatments specifically designed to neutralize urine stains and odors and a handheld carpet extractor. It’s always advisable not to save costs on, as the cheaper models only tend to mask odors rather than neutralize them. The result? The odor often come back later. You should also consider getting a scraper, a putty knife, and a dustpan. These tools are also helpful for cleaning up pet messes.

Act quickly

When it comes to pet mess, you must learn to always act right away. Waiting longer will only make it more difficult to remove and further damage your carpet and reduce its lifespan.

Clean properly

Urine Stains: Use extractors to completely remove urine from the carpet. This works much better than paper towels. Also, apply enzyme treatment (nylon rugs only) according to package directions.
Solid Mess – Use the scraper and dustpan to remove solid mess from the carpet. Generously apply the oxygenated enzyme cleaner to the affected area and wait at least 45 minutes. Then, remove solid debris, allow the area to dry, and vacuum.
Avoid pet interference – always keep your pet away while cleaning by lightly covering the treated area with a plastic bag or an aluminum foil. These objects will make noise if disturbed, keeping curious pets away.
Discourage reoffending – Always keep your carpet clean and fresh to discourage pet accidents. Doing this makes your carpet less attractive for pet accidents. Vacuum at least twice a week and treat affected areas. It is very important to schedule regular professional carpet cleaning.

Professional Carpet cleaning Berwick for Efficient Pet Stain Odor

Pet owners should not resign themselves to ruining the carpet in their homes. Many pets have occasional accidents that can be resolved immediately with the right cleaning technique. Regularly Hiring an expert carpet cleaner on a basis is the best way to keep your home fresh and fragrant.

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